Blink again

Time is fleeting,
Blink once
and you are in 2000,
Giggling with school friends over the simplest of things,
Sitting under the 'haunted tree' after dinner talking about,
Plans and Food, Classmates and Teachers,
Blink twice,
and it is 2008,
Parting ways with people you have grown up with,
Never knowing when you will see them again,
Tearful goodbyes and nervous laughs.
Blink thrice,
and you are in 2009,
New friends have come your way,
In a new place, a new city.
You sit with them,
and laugh away till morning,
Share inbox messages bursting with gossip.
Blink again,
and this chapter too will end.
What the new one will bring,
You know not yet.
And you hesitate to blink.
Lest the new ones be not as warm and comforting as the old ones.
But what else can you do but blink.


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