It has been a while

It has indeed been a while. What has changed since my last post has been the start of holidays. These days, life goes on in auto-pilot mode. There are no lectures to rush to, no homework to complete before the break of dawn, all there is really is a long icy road. Precaution is needed in order not to skid recklessly into the pile of examinations that await on the other side. One needs to tread softly, preparing as one walks on, for these tests of life. Which ideally should not matter more than life itself, but which we have given so much importance that they have become the very hurdles that must be crossed in order to lead a life respected by others.

Alas, what can we do for we are We are prisoners of our own device.So we march on, through the chills and thrills. :)
Have a great christmas everyone...
My new favourite christmas song. (Click here to have a listen)


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