BIG dreams

Another day has passed, almost doing anything notable. My father's words echo in my head- "Do something useful. Learn a language, do anything". I know what he said is true. I should heed it. It is my fear, well one of my many fears, you know, that I will wake up on the last day of my life realising that I have all these things I want to do, but which I have not. And that too, all because I was too lazy to embark on life's journey. Yes that's what it feels like. Like I am standing in a port, my ship waiting to take me places, and yet I am hesitant to step on board... 

In my head I have several dreams. For one, I would like to own a dog. Yes, I know, I already own one. Whom unfortunately I have distanced myself from over the years. Simply because she has become a big girl and now I am scared she might sink her fangs into my flesh.. :P Yes physical distance (due to education) does that to relationships sometimes. So I therefore want to own a dog, by myself, in the real way.Do the dirty work, of cleaning her/his shit (literally), do the good part i.e the feeding, exercise with her/him, and go to sleep with her/him by my side. Very simple really.

In my dreams, I will live in a small house someday. Big houses honestly scare me. I like small spaces, in which I can see all the corners. A cozy small house. A little disorganised too. I do not want to live in a house where everything is neatly arranged, where the furniture matches, where there are prim and proper ornaments and decorations. I want one, that is decorated with random things that mean something. Of furniture that has been collected over the years. All eccentric. The walls not painted in one monocolour, but one with different hues, wallpapers, anything. I would want it to contain a huge collection of books, and especially house the ones that changed the world. And oh yes, I would want stuff toys in my room. All kinds. :)

My garden.. Hmm.. A lawn. No flowers planted in neat rows.Just grass you can walk over and run around with the dog(s). With a little pond by the side. With little fishes in it.
My mode of transport.. Hmm... I like bicycles. But for longer distances, this one would do ;) :
picture taken from the internet..

Yeah, that's all I want.. Me and my BIG dreams. Let's see how they work out.... :D

Coming soon: This post gives me a random idea.. A bucket list. Going to appear here soon. :)


  1. I love you!
    Make place for me also in your BIG dreams just as you did in the cheese =)

  2. I would if I knew who you were.. Haha. :P


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