What I know now

Picture taken in Hanoi (Temple of Literature) September 2010

I will tell you what I know now,
I do not know much,
I do not know enough to flaunt my expertise,
In this game they call life..
But these decades, the only two I have seen,
Have indeed taught me a thing or two.
I wished each time someone had warned me,
Showed me a beacon light,
And lighted the path I should have travelled,
But life does not work that way, does it?
There are no cheat-tricks,
Nor are there magic mushrooms,
There is just hope, and love.
Potions to make the game worthwhile.

Oh yes, I tell you now,
What I have learned so far,
This world is not kind to the confused,
Nor is it kind to the poor. 
People are not the same,
And there is no manual to figure out which is which.
There is a thin line between good and bad,
There is a thin line between wrong and right.
At the end of the day, friends and relatives are the ones here to stay.
Never let them down (You already knew that one, didn't you).
When life is sad, music is actually music to the soul,
Play them loud and shut out the critics and the doubtful.
Trust intuitions for they are often right,
And learn to forgive and forget.
Studies is important, 
But don't be so blinded by ambitions 
That you miss out the scenary,
For views along life's path can be pretty too.. 
Find something you are passionate about,
And keep a hold on it.
It gets you through pretty hard times, 
And are a source of cheer.

Reading through this you might think,
"But she hasn't said a line I do not already know',
But this is the very thing life is about.
We know all these things.
But our games are custom made. 
My level 1 could be your level 26,
My level 26 someone else's level 1.
We all have the same lifelines,
How and when we use it is in our command.


  1. very well written and very meaningful with a good choice of words..

  2. Thank you! :) I appreciate that you took the time to visit my blog!


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