Solemn Regrets

What doesn't break us only makes us stronger.. they say.. And I know this to be true..
For countless times have there been hurdles and difficulties,
And I have overcome each one,
Some have been hard, I will not deny,
And for some I needed some support,
But each wave that I conquered and survived through,
Strengthened me for the next one,
There were many that left me gasping for breath,
Forcing me to pause a while and recuperate,
And each one that passed me,
Left a scar or a bruise,
Yet it all healed in time
Now I am left standing on the horizon,
Behind me I see a long string of hurdles,
Some stand still, unbrushed,
Some have fallen down and broken,
I feel some liberation inside,
And some solemn regrets too,
For I let many of these get the best of me,
My dad once told me,
Don't let your emotions be the masters of your fate,
And I know this too to be true..

Taken in Hue, Vietnam August 2010


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