So today morning I found myself waking up to a wall on which was an oval made with fairy lights. An oval because the previous night, my friends and I were unable to think of a shape to twist and position the lights into. We thought of smileys (impossible to execute), hearts (much too cheesy), and what not. Finally I ended up sleeping under an oval shaped cloud like object.
My mind however decided not to resign like my hands and friends. I kept thinking of things which got me going, things which I believed in.
One word came to mind.. Hope. I live in hope, always have and always will. Sometimes it becomes a vice, giving me false notions and almost dashing my heart when things turned out the other way, and yet it is one thing I hold on tightly..

So all you souls out there, this Diwali, let's all keep up the Hope.. It spells out to me from my cream wall, how can I not.. And what better day than the festival of lights to make a start on it.. and anyway, what shines better than Hope..
Keep the Hope.. :)
The 'Hope' on my wall



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