And ladies and gentleman,This is my 100th post

Greetings World. Blogpost tells me this is my 100th post..
How does that make me feel?
Very expressive..
In fact, it makes me want to write about my favourite thing of Manchester..
<------ Snowwwwww!!!

There is something about snow days, that makes me want to jump up and down and roll around. That makes me want to act like a five year old squealing and having snow fights with friends and family.
My first encounter with this wonderful feel-good phenomenon was in Pristina at the age of eleven. Life has never been the same ever since, oh yes, for my love for rain has been toppled over by my love for this fluffy white feeling that makes the numb freezing effect worth it.

Here's a toast to snow.. May Global warming and all the crap that occurs on this planet never deprive us of snow days... :) Cheers..


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