Of positivity and hummingbirds

I have been thinking a lot lately.

A process sparked off mostly by my father remarking about the sort of image I have been projecting here over the last few blogposts.. That of a confused and indecisive girl. Lost and unable to decide anything. It has been a pretty true picture but he told me- The picture we paint of ourselves everyday has a deep impact on the kind of person we become. It made sense. I had read the book 'The Secret' by Rhonda Byrnes, you may have heard of it or read it even. In it, she says, and I quote- The law of attraction says that like attracts like, and when you think and feel what you want to attract on the inside, the law will use people, circumstances and events to magnetize what you want.So I guess, all these days, I have been attracting all the wrong energy and vibes fretting over trivial matters.

I decided therefore, to look for small signs, small signs of optimism. And I realised, I saw these signs everyday, I had just chosen to ignore it..

Everyday I walk to my lectures, I cross a dying tree, its branches all dry and withery. It looks as if it is going to stop growing and collapse any moment, but everyday new branches shoot out and reach for the sky. It is no ordinary tree, for it is not growing where there is fertile soil and plenty of air. In fact, its roots are embedded within a discarded sewage line. It does not have the privilege, like its fellow trees of having a gardener to spruce it up and make it look nice, it does not get enough water from the rains either, all it gets is literally the crap of the world and yet it continues to grow. Paying no heed to how its brothers and sisters are swaying to the breeze with their green leaves and healthy looking branches. This is what life should be about. Making the most of what we get..

Also, I realise now what is pulling me back.. I was worrying unnecessarily about future submissions and examinations and graduations. Until an eye-opener in the form of a you-tube video popped into my life. One in which Wangari Mathai narrates the story of a hummingbird, who in the face of a forest fire, does not flee like the other birds but instead tries to stop the fire by carrying and emptying water, one drop at a time into the fire. He did not care or stop to worry over his little drops of water would make any difference, He gave in his best and left the rest to fate. This is also what this life is about. Giving in our best and leaving the rest to God, who I am pretty sure is listening.
So folks, I am going to get back to completing my three page long reading list, one article at a time with the deadline approaching soon(Tomorrow!). Let's take it one day at a time now, yeah? :)

The hummingbird story, for those who want to get inspired. :D


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