Holding on.. or letting go

There are signs in life about how fleeting a moment could be, our eyes may be like the lens of the camera but we do not stay frozen in a memory. It is both the beauty and tragedy of life, the strength and its weakness. Life is constantly changing and painfully fleeting. It is like walking on a beach, holding on to seashells and sand granules. Some hold our attention for a while, some touch us somewhere in our souls, and yet some we quickly forget. Some of us walkers will want to hold on to a fistful of sand and make the most of its texture and beauty and the way some seashells leave an imprint of their texture on our palms, while the others will race to feel all the seashells and appreciate the changing effect waves have on them.

There is no right or wrong, each has its beauty and tragedy. Each comes with its pain and 'what-if's.

 (I took this picture while I was on a beach in Vietnam back in July 2010. I have named it 'Holding on.. or letting go', for looking at this picture one does not know for certain whether I admired this particular crab shell and then left it on the beach or whether I brought it home with me, to look at when I had nothing more important to do.. )


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