The dangerous eight letter word- Religion

I once read somewhere - Faith is about doing. You are how you act, not just how you believe. It, at once got me thinking. On the bloodshed in the world around this, over something as simple as religion. Forgive me for thinking this is a simple concept, for I can almost feel your incredulous faces. Religion simple? I can hear you say. You could dwell in History, talk about the history of these religions and bring out examples of the complex situations our world found itself in, all because of this dangerous word and the many connotations it brings.

But what if we were to step back and question its very existence? Why do we have these religions in the first place? In the olden days, was it not just about one clan choosing to worship idols and another nature? Why did we then begin to fight about how one God is greater than the other? If looked at simply, most of these do not involve the Gods, it's most likely to do with politics or resources. The Crusades being an example. The Churches did not really go to the Middle East to fight for the dignity of the Christians.. The demolition of Babri masjid was not just because the Hindu politicians really missed the temple which apparently existed before it.

If only we, who usually form part of the foot soldiers or the almighty mob began to think, as individuals. We all more or less believe in a God, But our scriptures and holy books does not talk about taking lives to protect the sanctity of our Gods. He resides in our hearts, why then do we need to claim lands and build large structures on it. He occupies the highest places in our own hearts, why do we have to impose Him on others, force them to believe so too? Is His faith not strong enough? Our faith in Him should about believing in him but not about doing things inhumane, killing those who happen to believe in some other Master. Our faith should be one of tolerance, of respecting the other Gods. We almost worship our parents too, we give them all our love. But we do not expect others to love them just the same and forget their own, or even worse take their lives. Why is it then different for our Gods?


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