Some wise soul once said, "Lord, give me the strength to change what I can, give me the strength to resist what I cannot change and give me the wisdom to understand the difference between the two."
And I am learning to accept this to be the ultimate truth, though I feel instead of resisting the things we cannot change, it is still wiser to just accept it. In life, we go about thinking ourselves much weaker and even more stronger than we really are. And we refuse to accept things staring at us in the face. I believe life would be much simpler if we just accepted things as they were. Lesser wars would have been fought had men learned to let go of their ego sometimes and just given up the moment they realised it was pointless.

I guess all this thought stream in my head is a result of the book I am currently reading (Bird Song by Sebastian Faulks). Wars have been so bloody, so many lives have been lost or irreparably damaged and yet men did not give up, in the name of nationhood and other highly philosophical sounding words. To what result..? 100 years on, wars are forgotten, almost wiped off from view except in History books, and men begin on a clean slate.

There is no value for lives anymore. When will we learn to just let go, enjoy the moment, forget all that we are taught in the name of religion, nationality etc and just live.


  1. There are many reasons of war, as you said religion, ethnic difference, gap between rich and poor, struggle for natural resources etc. If summarize it, there are only 2 reasons of war, that are: BEING DIFFERENT and COMPETITION FOR SURVIVAL. Just being different or lacking a resource or enough space are the basis of war as long as I think.

  2. According to me, war is really fought for just one reason: DOMINATION and under it comes all the many particular reasons, resource shortage, ethnic difference,etc.


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