Isn't it strange how Man has changed over the years. From living like apes, hunting berries, wearing animal fur and living in caves to advanced almost machine-like beings all programmed to prove something to the world. All thirsty for name and fame.

And as if this ambition was not enough, there is love and loyalty to ponder over.

Life has become just so complicated, just so mechanic.
We are born, we are buried behind books all through the innocent days of childhood, then we have to work and earn, look after our family and then die. And if that was not tragic enough, we have to balance all this with the pressure of not dying a lonely soul. We have got to meet people and laugh over their sad jokes. The mundane cycle of life, that goes on and on.

I am sorry readers. Just having one of those days when nothing makes sense, and everything seems so futile.


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