Fear is just another four letter word..

Life is all about facing our fears, of confronting our weaknesses and proving to those who think we can't that we indeed can. Yes, you might be thinking exactly what I think whenever I hear people say such things. Easy to say, so difficult to do.

Thinking of this takes me back to my school days, so long gone and yet its memories as fresh as though it just happened yesterday. I am terrified of two things in this world. Public speaking and moths (or any kind of insect for that matter). Throughout my school years, I managed to dodge past any opportunity to speak on stage under one pretext or the other. 7 years sped past me, and I managed to live through it all safe and unembarrassed, except for one or two awkward moments in class. And then it was in my last year in school that Mrs Datta, the Vice Principal herself ensured that I could not shy away(pun intended!) from speaking in front of 600 people on Independence Day. Almost ironical, is it not.. I still remember the unease I felt looking to the crowd staring right back at me, and the way my hands turned cold and sweaty and there were goosebumps all over. It was awful to say the least in the beginning, but once I looked to the paper in the trembling hands, and began to read, the faces in the crowd turned all blurry and it was as if I was transported to another land. I never spoke on stage again after that, unfortunately. Looking back, I wish I had made more of an effort when I had such encouraging teachers and friends.

Wondering why I am remembering all this today? Well, I signed myself up for a training in Public Speaking. A three hour exercise in a room of 20 strangers. In less than 3 hours from now. And though I have the Sign-up cancellation sheet in front of me, and every nerve in my body tells me to take the easy way out, I have decided to face my fears, and correct myself for the better. I might embarrass myself today, I might even regret this momentarily when they will make me stand on a stage and make me practice speaking in public, but I also know if I do not grab this opportunity, I will regret it for years to come, like I regret not taking up the chances I had back in school.

Life is too short to live with regrets and to give up too easily on opportunities to improve on our weaknesses.
Life is for confronting the things we fear most and grabbing every chance we get for making amends.


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