Who do we blame..?

I wrote an article a while back, when the State was in turmoil because of a supposed 'fake' encounter of a supposedly 'innocent' person. I put these terms in quotes because as usual, I and am sure most Manipuris do not know what to believe and if we have learned anything from the past, it is that- Don't believe what you hear..

Far away, sounds of mock bombs exploding, rubber bullets firing, and sirens wailing. Deep inside, we can hear our own heartbeats beating faster and faster. What is the next day going to bring? More animosity? Or a miraculous change?

Manipur has by now become a battlefield, between the Government and the people, while vultures loom, waiting to tear open the fallen. There are the passive few watching, with baited breaths, which is going to cast the next blow, which is going to fall. There are those who do not hesitate in tearing down the scapegoats, in this case, the Government.

The people shout slogans against the Government, says the Chief Minister is not fit for the post he has been put on. One has to wonder: Who put him there? Who is really to blame for all this? Who do we blame? The first police officer who shot a civilian in a fake encounter for a gallantry award? Or the people who let this police officer let go unpunished. The first of the many ‘liberation armies’ who started demanding money from the people? Or the people who gave in to these demands and did not raise a finger against them.

In my opinion, it is all of us responsible for the murder, the murder of our state. Manipur has become a ‘ Kill or be killed’ place with everyone trying to earn a little extra even at the cost of lives. Who gave us the right to point out what’s right and what’s wrong when we are all guilty of crimes ourselves.


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