What would you attempt to do if you knew you couldn't fail?!

Well, today, like any other day I was browsing through random quotes on Google, looking for lines which would interest me and basically just help pass time faster. And then I came across this one.
And it actually got me into thinking- What would I want to do if I knew I could not fail?

Life is such, we are all afraid of trying, fearing that the disappointment and sorrow we feel when we fail will be far greater than the amount we can take. Fear I guess, is the one threat to success or rather the quest for success. We feel it all the time.

Take me for example. In school, I was so interested in graphic designing and photography. I felt it in me that one day all I wanted to do was design advertisements and also take pictures that would change the world. All through my school years, my books and walls bore testament to the passion in me for drawing and lettering. And of course my camera never left my side and all I would do when I was meant to be working was take pictures. In fact when I watched Wake up Sid, it just felt like my story.. Later I found out most of the other people who watched it felt the same too. That is just life I guess.

Things have changed now. I am now in university, the dreams of all that now a tiny flicker deep down somewhere in me. Now all I have are borrowed dreams and goals. Of becoming an IAS officer. And yet this fear has never left me. I am still so scared of what I want and what I could achieve. This fear which stopped me from trying and reaching out to be something I really wanted to be, still dictates terms to me. Tells me I cannot achieve this dream I have now, to be of service to the Government.

But not a day passes, when I do not have a 'what-if' doubt, what if I really could have done a course in Graphic designing, or what if I could have taken up photography, what if I could somehow through these hobbies have found a profession which I was confident I would truly have enjoyed and relished. However the dreams of my dear ones rest on my shoulder, I have got to brush aside this constant companion called fear and conquer it all.. The what-ifs can wait, one day I will find a way to try it all in my own way.

Hope is all that I have,
Fear what I cannot afford to feel,
Dreams, shaky dreams won't let me anywhere,
Nevertheless, they do make each day worthwhile,
It's true what they say,
Those who have hope have everything ;)


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