Well, it's been a while since I started, and thank you to all the very few people out there who bother to read this, out of kinship or friendship or boredom or curiosity or whatever else reason you have to spare a moment to read my rantings.

As I was showering today(using an 'Anti-stress' shower gel, nothing less!), I was thinking about all the problems that find themselves a home in my brain. Oh, that was not what I set out to write in the first place..See, that is how muddled my head is.. :P

People out there, wondering what this blog is about? Well, let me tell you what this is about. If you are looking for the ultimate solution for poverty, the one way to stop global warming, a cause for the real problems the world faces today, you are looking at the wrong page.

This is just the insight of a college kid out to find herself and realise her dreams and place in this world. A girl hoping that one day all her confusions will go away and she will be able to laugh reading this blog about the messy old days. And yes, this is the one page for her to put down her opinion on things that matter to her. She is impulsive, inquisitive and indecisive, no doubt and writing about it helps clear her head a little. I should know, she is me. Yes, so that is what this is about.. Me.


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