Yes that is what I am. Here I was, having 'proudly' finished off writing a paragraph here (the one below this post) and merrily browsing through Facebook groups when I came across one-'Manipur comments'.. Further 'investigation' on this group led me to a beautifully composed blog with articles by well known journalists. My attraction however was to an article by MS Prabhakara for the Hindu (

It is so well written, precise and informative. My life would be so much simpler if I could compose all my views into 250-450 words like that ( and my university grades so much higher)!
Apologies to the very few who read my 'rantings'. Unfortunately for me and you all, Patience has never been my virtue and writing articles like these will only be a dream. But we can only hope I improve through persistent attempts. Jokes apart, I will try harder next time.. Bear with me till then.



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